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We are closed at the moment. We'll be back soon.

A Curated Lunch Experience

Order via SMS   ⋅   Delivered To Your Office
Starting from $7 including taxes, delivery fees, and tips


Receive a SMS with the featured restaurant

9:30am - 11:15am

Reply A or B to place your order


Lunch arrives at your front desk by 12:30pm

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Upcoming Featured Dishes

Price includes taxes, delivery fees, and tips

We are currently closed and working on expanding throughout Toronto.
We'll be back soon!

Some Of Our Featured Restaurants

Banh Mi Boys   ⋅   Bindia Indian Bistro   ⋅   Burrito Boyz   ⋅   Etsu   ⋅   Freshii   ⋅   Gandhi Cuisine   ⋅   iQ Food Co.   ⋅   Japango   ⋅   Kanga   ⋅   Little Fin   ⋅   Me Va Me   ⋅   Ravi Soups   ⋅   Rose City Kitchen   ⋅   Salad Days   ⋅   Salad King   ⋅   Schnitzel Queen   ⋅   Sukho Thai   ⋅   Superfood Eateries   ⋅   The Burger's Priest   ⋅   The Jerk Joint   ⋅   Wow Sushi

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Service Coverage

Gob currently delivers to over 75 offices in Toronto.
Join today and get lunch delivered to your office.

Why Use Gob?

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Free Lunch Curation
We know how frustrating it is to select good food, let alone a great restaurant. That’s why we’ve selected only the best restaurants and tailored our lunches to our customers’ preferences.
Featuring Only the Best Selection
We feature only the best restaurants in Toronto and to take it one step further, only the best dishes from those restaurants, providing our customers with only the best selection!
Simplicity + Convenience
How convenient? How about delivered to your front desk! All you do is order by replying via SMS or online with our "state of the art - military grade - patent pending" 1-step ordering process. Your lunch is delivered to your front desk by 12:30pm.
No Hidden Costs
We personally hate hidden costs, thats why we’ve made it easy for our customers to decide. The price of the food includes taxes, delivery fees, and tips. No more guessing the total for your bill.
Saving You Money
Why pay $10 for delivery and tips? We focus on bulk deliveries throughout Toronto, bringing our delivery costs down and passing the savings on to you, our valued customers. We not only save you time, but money as well.